People of the United Nations

The problem of the increase of the world population IS EACH DAY WORSER. The modest objectives of the First Conference of Population 1974, such as that everybody should have the right to know and the possibility or using the means to freely decide the amount of children they want to have, IT IS VERY FAR TO MEET THE SUCCESS.

Moreover, in this second conference we heard some voices of the Northern Countries which PRETEND TO FOMENT THE NATALITY IN THEIR COUNTRIES, when their very old over­population has impeled ando forced them to renforce their politic and economic imperalism. We have also heard some of the «representatives» of the South (but which due to their incompetence or com­plicity are also speakers of the North), saying that «everything is in order or on the way to be resolv­ved», or ignoring that, in their own present condition, THE INCREASING OF THE POPULATION REINFORCES THEIR DEPENDENCY OF THE NORTH,

This politic of racism and populationism is frequently hidden under one aparently opposite argumentation, with the pretention to make believe, against the whole history, that imperia­lism is interested in the control of natality, argumentation propagued through group of extremists, politics and also pseudo-religious people, who accept to support the imperialistic game within the population field. The catholic hierarchy, for example, intent to surprise the good fatih of the popula­tion covering this operation with an hypocrite veil of morality (the reality is that in those countries where it has an influence it has distinguished for NOT defendig the life of the persons real and exist­ing). The same shall be said about the so delayed, partial and obsesive scruples of Reagan concerning abortion.

The Fund of the United Nations for Population Activites, a humble servant or the presently existing imperialistic system of the world, HAS MANIPULATED THE NUMBERS in order to deny the problem of population, as when they insist in a very little decline of the rate of population growth, withholding that they make reference to an absolute, real number of persons, of ALIMOST THE DOUBLE, in a much more populated world, crowded, lacking of row materials and with rising expectations.

Conscious of their «failure» to resolve the problem (really, of the success of the anti-popular politics that they support), the Funds delayed TEN YEARS the organization of another conference to render accounts of their actions. But their real intentions are not only showed by that extraordinary term between both conferences, but also by having reduced the lasting-time of the con­ference, to LESS THAN THE HALF, to have offered A LITTLE PLACE, and with this apology deny the entrance even to the qualifed observers, and THE REPEATED ANTIDEMOCRATIC REPRES­SION OF BHE POLICE at the same doors of the seat of the Conference, against several groups that censured ther anti-popular politics from divers points of view.

In the Conference, as it occurs with all bad politics during the terms of elections, it seems that the Funds, Charge, recognize the enormity and urgency of the problem and demagogicaly promises to solve it. But, with those antecedents, anti-democratic politics and anti-scientific practices (all sciences are based on free and prolongued discussions), ALL THEIR ACTIONS CONVICT THE FALSEHOOD OF THEIR WORDS.

PEOPLE OF THE UNITED NATIONS: The responsible of the present catastrophic situtation of population are not those who are going to resolve the problems. We shall take plain conscience of the crisis to which is leading us to poverty, repression, war and death, we shall repudiate those opressing us in such an efficient way as is the polibics of population they try to go en impossing to us!